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Newbie in Nodak

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Awesome forum guys.

Rod from Nodak. Primarily a sausage guy. Always got together with others and co-oped equipment, no more. Time to do it all myself...

Gonna build a smoker of my own. Standard equipment is #5 Lems vert stuffer and various means of grinding..

And a true believer in my Weber grill with lump charcoal...

Really looking for a Southwest Chicken Sausage recipe I had that used fresh cilantro and tequila.... MMmmmmm... the search continues..

Gotta make sausage to my tastes. Thanks

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Welcome to SMF can't help ya with the sausage but I'm sure someone will be along that can. Enjoy the site and happy smoking
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Welcome to SMF! Richtee is one of our sausage gurus. I'm sure he will be along.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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rod - welcome to an excellent forum!

i'm from north-central montana all my life, but my dad was born and raised in killdeer, and i have a lot of family in the watford city/keene area. my first year of college was in jamestown, and if montana is God's country, then north dakota is certainly His back yard.

a great crew here, very helpful and certainly congenial. if you have any questions, just sing out.
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p.s. - i noticed the 7mm in your moniker - i'm the proud owner of a fine mauser in 7x57. if you want to talk guns, hunting or fishing, check out the link on my signature. we've got a couple of north dakotans there and would love to see more!
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome Rod. We love that sausage maker ourselves. If ya have any secrets please pass them along.
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Welcome to the site from Montana. Been in Baker for 38 years. You won't find a more friendly and informative site. If you have questions, concerns, or interesting tid-bits, let them be know and an answer will be forth coming. This is a great site and I look forward to hearing more and seeing any pictures that you may care to share about your cooking
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Glad you joined us, welcome to SMF !!!
You look familiar, do I know you from somewhere.....? :)

I tried the equipment swap till a few years ago, felt I was providing info, knowledge, tools, spices, pork and casings at my residence..... so my wife and I decided we would do it as a team alone. One of the best choices we ever made. Love getting to gether with friends but not paying for thier good time and sausage at my expense and labor. I would much rather make my own and eat it or give it to who I choose. One freind was taking the sticks i made for him and handing out to friends of ours saying he made them; right in front of me.

What is the basis if your smoker build?

If you do not have a grinder your comfortable with I can send you plans of how I built mine off of. It is a 3.4 hp on a #32 grinder, very good grinder if you are into the DYI stuff.
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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the very warm welcome.. Pretty kool beans!!

Yepper, I am a gun nut and a .284 cal kinda guy... And Amen on God's Backyard..

Mossy Mo, you too. I am sure we have crossed paths on other boards..

All this thinking about sausage has me hungry.....

Agian thanks alot for the welcome and great site.

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Great people and recipes here along with really great advice. Glad to have you join us and can't wait for some q-view!
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Welcome aboard neighbor...............Mandan here..........Glad to have another North Dakotan here..................
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Glad to have you with us at the SMF. Plenty of folks into sausage making, and even more into eatin' them.
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Welcome aboard, glad to have you here
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Welcome Nodak to the big Q'n site.
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Welcome, Nodak.7mm great site with great people
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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Welcome and Happy Smoke Rings from Sedalia, MO. (formerly Beresford, SD). I take fishing and prairie dog shooting trips up to Ft. Peck, Mt and go through North Dakota. I used to haul meat in a big truck and got to Minot, Grand Forks, Fargo, and Bismark quite ofter especially when it cooled down. I like straight roads and good XM Radio. Semper Fi and welcome my new friend. I like to smoke to suit my taste buds also that seems to be what it is all about.
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