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Offset Smokin'

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Hey there everyone!

While I am not too new to smoking meats, I am new to making my own smoker. I am stationed in the sandbox at the moment and have what I am hoping to be all the materials i should need. A 55gal drum, the expanded metal, angle, pipe and the such. I need help however in the area of plans and design. If anyone out there could help me out it would be great. Thanks in advance, Mike
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Welcome Mike! Hmm alot of info here on customs.. but honestly, check out a UDS design... efficiency extrordinare!

Here's a start...many posts on them here
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Welcome to SMF! Hope you find the info you are looking for!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the forum Mike!

I really like my UDS...they are easy to make and they work great!
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welcome Mike! good luck in whatever you decide to build.. and keep us posted. I always like seeing others creations.
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Fireguy you need to post one more time. Your # is 666
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Yeah UDS seems the easiest way to go if your fabricating, but if you got the time and the will, build to your hearts content! PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Welcome friend, you should find more info here than you need, this is a great site
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Welcome. Good luck on the build. Shows us some pice when ur daone. Thanks.
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Welcome to the site and THANK YOU for your military service
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