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running a little hot

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so i am an hour and a half into a 3-2-1 with 3 racks of ribs

it is hot & sunny here after a promising overcast start.....humid as all get out as well

i have a cheapo walmart meat therm stuck in a potato middle bottom rack.....

getting great smoke, but can't seem to get the temp dialed down below doesn't go any lower

is it a big deal if it runs a little hot? i can prop the door open a bit on the 2 hours with the foil, to keep the temp down a little if needed i guess.....

two mustard/dry rubs and a teriyaki for the wife....spritzing with either dr. pepper or a spritz i threw together (apple juice, water, sherry wine vinegar & wild turkey)
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You'll be fine, just cut down on the 2 part.........check their progress in the foil after 1 hour and then every 15 minutes or so.........2 hours in the foil at a higher temp can turn them to mush. No need to do that last full hour either.......go 20 minutes and'll be fine.
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i figured as much, except for the mush/foil part
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Make sure the spud with the therm is on the same level as the meat! Might be hotter near the heat source than it is up top, or visa-versa.
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NP.......just keep an eye on them. Remember 321 is just a guideline for cooking them at 225, hotter works, just got to shorten the time.
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might need a needle valve for future longer smokes.wink.gif
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yeah, i'll have to read up on those mods

it will be interesting to see how it runs on a day that ISN'T mid-high 80's and bright sun
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Kinda counterproductive, but in a pnch ya might be able to set it in the shade and put a fan on low next to it. Kinds "Rube Goldburgish" but it may help.biggrin.gif
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needle valve looks easy enough, and not expensive
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I've got my GOSM in the shade and it helps keep my temps down a little
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You'll be fine. By chance, have you checked that thermometer in boiling water to see if it was accurate? If you did, disreguard this, if not, double check it in boiling water. Should read 212 degrees.
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