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9.75 lbs Butt

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It's 5 am and I am on my second cup of morning mud (coffee). The gosm has settled at 237 degrees with the 9.75lbs butt. Pics will follow.

I plan on pulling the pork and serving it on some kaiser buns. Also on the menu are, Gassers, mashed tators, macaroni salad, cucumber salad and a birthday cake for dessert.
No nice japs for abt's this week icon_sad.gificon_sad.gificon_sad.gificon_sad.gif .
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The first pic is right into the smoker. The second is 2 hours into the smoke. Everything looks and smeels great so far.
More to come.
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Dang it... this place makes me crave smoked food for BREAKFAST now! LOL!

Nice looking hunk-o-meat there Andy!
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Is a birthday wish in order here? If so happy B-day!
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Keep the Q-VIEW comming. Looking good so far.
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Its just about six hours into the smoke, Looking, smelling great with an internal temp at 147 degrees. Love the smell of hickory and cherry.
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Looking great so far!!
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I believe it's his Grandmother's B-day soon...and Andy, being the good grandson he is... is makin' her dinner! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

What a sweet boy! <Required cheek pinch>
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You are right Rich, it is all for my grandmother. But she won't be able to pinch these cheeks (She too short and I'm too tall) that is why there is a butt in the smoker. LOL
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Very nice!!
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I was about ta say, that ya may want to lean over... otherwise her choice in cheeks to pinch would be a bit limited ;-)

Give her a big ol' happy birthday hug and wishes for many more!
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Andy, your menu sounds awesome! Can't wait to see the finished smoke.cool.gif
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Looks great so far, lookin' forward to the final Q View!
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Wow, it was Awesome. Here is dinner.
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Great looking grub! Nice smoke!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Awesome looking meal. That butt turned out great. I might have to try the scored top idea I've been seeing around lately.
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What a nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice!!

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Well I deeclare, I see a scored butt!biggrin.gif I think I would score that one a 10. Looks very good, how did ya like the taste, was there a difference for ya. Come on, spill the beans!wink.gif

Nice job Andy. I just gotta give some points to a student of the "score".
Hope I still have some left, if not, then 2marow!

Gramma musta been very happy. Give her a happy birthday from me too!

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