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first attempt

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seasoned the smoker this AM....decided to start "easy" to get going

that was way edible....the jalapenos were darn right good....the fatty wasn't half bad, either (hot & sweet sausage rolled with peppers/onions/shrooms/provolone)

i need: different wood than just hickory....tastes good, but a little strong
a better thermometer, to regulate internal temp. better.....cooked the sausage quick.....which was ok, but i wouldn't want ribs to go that quick; i think i hit 170 in an hour and a half
to put foil over my wood chunks to cut down flare ups

all in all, a good first effort.....but i definitely have some learning to do
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Good job tims. Fatty and ABT's look good. Might want to jump up tp Roll Call and tell us all bout yourself. Oh, and welcome to smf
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done....i think wink.gif
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Tim, that looks great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Tim thats a great looking first smoke congrats!
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The first is the hardest. The rest will be easy. Nice job!
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Very nice, Tim.
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