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Great way to end the day/q-view

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Well, I finally got the butt pulled. It was 7lbs. Started at 6 AM and took it off at 7 PM. Let it rest for little over an hr. Used my little electric smoker because of the gale force winds. Smoked at 223-237 with lump and hickory in the chip pan till foiled. Mopped/A.J and the Capt.

rubbed with Jeff's rub last night

out of the foil

and pulled ready for tomorrow
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13 hr. Butt! wow. looks good. I can't help but notice, did ya score the fat cap? Or are those marks from the grate and then the turn?

Good job on the long smoke.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Oh man, that looks good! You really going to wait til tomorrow?biggrin.gif
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13 hrs is right. Last one was 8 lbs and only took 9 hrs. Had 2 stalls on it that each lasted at least 2 hrs. Last one never did. The fat cap? Well actually, saw a pic of one of yours, so thought why not? Gotta help get the flavor under there. Thanks.
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Yeah right. Not me. Wife is working so I had to have a sammy.
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Looks great I honestly don't know if scoring the cap helps I'm gonna try on one tomorrow but it sure makes it look pretty
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Awesome looking grub there, Mark!!

You're going to be eating well tomorrow!
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mighty fine looking vittles you got there..enjoy your work..and the scoring is good looking to boot..
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thats cool, I'd score yours a 10! nice job for sure!
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Thanks for the QVIEW.
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great lookinpork butt!!!!! looks nice an juicy, great job!!!!
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Very nice...maybe with alittle practice i'll be there soon!
I'm gonna try scoreing to the fat cap as well.
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Looks great! I think that will be my next smoke!
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Good job on the pork!!
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It's early Sunday and I'm getting hungry looking at your pictures,
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Fine job, looks good an they always taste so fine! Momma says there beter the next day after thins have mixed tagether some. Keep up the good work!
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That's how the wife had it this noon. I just got back from a long breakfast ride, so I'll have some tonight. Time for a nap now.
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Look awesome daboys. How did you get that killer bark?
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On this butt I used my electric smoker. I use a loaf pan and fill it with lump coal and hickory chunks, put it right on top of the heating element. Spritz, spray, mop, whatever you want to call it every hr. Actually get a better bark with my SnP.
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Mmmm, that looks excellent Mark!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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