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Brisket Q-view

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Wow! I hope this turns out OK. As some of you have noted, this went a bit fast. 7 hours to 190. Here's a pic just before the cooler. I plan to leave it in the cooler for two to three hours.
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Looks great on the outside, the taste test will be the final answer. Let us know.....
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Looks good did you check the temp with a thermometer in a couple places?
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It sure looks good from here! Bet it will taste great.
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temp check

Long story...I had an external thermometer on it for most of the smoke. I put my trusty meat thermo on it in the thickest part at the end and it was a little shy of 190. I smoked it until that thermo read 190 so hopefully we got it right????
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What did it weigh prior to smoking? It looks great and I'm sure it tastes wonderful too!!
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Well the outside sure looks great nice bark and if the internal temp is up then congrats on a great smoke and not getting hit with the dreaded plateau it happens just not often. Looking forward to the final pics
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Looks good so far........don't forget to give us the sliced pic.
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looks great!
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Those really do look great! Can't wait to see the sliced pics! The term I've been using lately for someone smoking without encountering a plateau - LUCKY!
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It was just shy of seven pounds
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