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Big Bird and Bones

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Gotta 12 lb turkey on the GOSM and 2 slabs of spares on the Silver Smoker. Turkey is just rubbed with olive oil and garlic, salt, and pepper. No brine, just straight up. Smoking at 300o to crisp up the skin.

Ribs and trim pieces with a rub of mustard, sea salt, garlic, onion, paprika, chili powder and pepper.

Hitting it with TBS at about 225o.

I'll get some pics as it progresses.
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Excellent start Cruz! Keep us posted
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Looks great only thing I found was smoking at the higher temps I had to foil the wings before the rest of the bird was done.
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3 hours into the smoke and that bird is looking pretty tastey.

I'll keep the wing thing in mind piney but they look ok so far. Ribs are coming along nicely and about ready to foil. Just flipped them around to get the other ends closer to the fire box.

Spritzing them with a mixture of apple juice, Dales seasoning, jalapeno brine and some Crown Royal.

Time to try some of the flap meat!
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Looks great and nice spritz
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That's lookin really tasty!!
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I'll be watchin this one! Only turkey I've done was last Christmas. Lookin good so far!
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Lookin real good.
LOTS of turkeys are pre brined anyway.
It'll say on the packaging contains X% of Whatever Solution.
Something to that effect and you can see the perforations on the skin where it was injected.
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That bird looks great so far, I did one last Thanksgiving and the weather was terrible. I had to try and save it in the oven.

I'll keep an eye on this bird, biggrin.gif
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Well that was quite (belch) tasty! Bird turned out great. Skin was nice and crispy and meat nicely smoked flavored.

Wifey made one of her great fresh mixed greens salads with mandarin oranges, dried cherries and feta.

Turkey was accompanied with roasted garlic mashed taters and gravy and corn on the cob. What a typical manly dinner plate. No hint of green anywhere!

A shot of the turkey carved.

The ribs are going with us tomorrow out on my buddies pontoon boat.

Now it's time for a few brewskis.
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awesome looki'n vittles.

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now that there is some mighty fine looking table fare..good job...
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Looks Great Cruzen.
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Nothing like a nice smoked turkey and a couple nice slabs of ribs. Great work on those icon_smile.gif.
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Looks awesome nice ribs and that bird looks fantastic nice job!
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what an awesome smoke session. You have got to be proud of that meal, and tomorrows boat feast! You get the last of my points today! Nice job.!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanx to all for the comments and points. Weather today doesn't seem conducive to boating but could clear up later. Worst case, we eat ribs and drink beer. I can live with that!biggrin.gif
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