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2nd Time Around on Ribs

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First run on my smoker was my first time EVER cooking ribs in any method. Giving it the second run around this time. St Louis style, great butcher in the neighborhood took care of membrane for me at the shop. First time Ive gotten pork from them, but their beef is always top notch. Will keep you updated, as I will be using 2-2-1 method this time. Last time ended up being more like 2.5-1.5-.5 due to I thought 3-2-1 was what I was looking to use on the St Louis style.
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Good luck on round 2 smokin c !Oakland A's fan here in Cali .We have shared plenty of players over the years, not to mention coaches ! Love Tony L.
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Yes we have, although I hope this Mulder thing finally works out for us after we sent you Haren for a couple of years. And it is still amazing how many cards fan have not warmed up to Tony still. I have been happy since the day it was announced. Q-view should be up later today.
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Good luck on the smoke and will be looking forward to the Qview
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May the smoke gods smile upon yer cooker!
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Im working hard on keeping my temp steady around 225-240. I do add wood, have damper open and even a cracked open lid on firebox any other suggestions on working to keep temp consistant? I know practice makes perfect and every smoker is different, but suggestions most welcomed.
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Hey Smokin, the only way to make'm better is to cook'em KC style.
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Well Wayside, you will be happy to know I am using a rub very similar to Gates and have Gates Original sauce for tonight. May I help you? icon_smile.gif
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Good luck on yer ribs from another Cards fan! Why can't we beat them Royals?!?
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Just took ribs off about 10 mins ago, ended with a 2-2-.45 on this round. One slab fell into 3 pieces when I went to take it off. I have some pics, but can not figure out this board's system for posting q-view. Help is appreciated.
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