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Mustard BBQ sauce

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grabbed some BBQ today at "brother jimmy's BBQ" in nyc. got a chopped brisket sandwich. They had a mustard BBQ sauce which i fell in love with.

I've spent a while perfecting my tomato based sauce but I think I was wasting my time. The mustard BBQ sauce was so damn good that I'm refusing to use tomato or vinegar based now.

Time to start perfecting a Mustard BBQ Sauce

If anyone has a good recipe post it here.

i'd gladly trade for my tomato based bbq sauce
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Made a batch last night and one of the best mustard based sauces I have tasted. Just follow the link below for the recipe.

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Was just about to post that link... nice job!
I cut back on the sugar a bit- I'm a notorious "sweet meat/sauce" hater LOL!
Honey baked ham..all that ruined pork!
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I too was going to post it. Try it as it is one good sauce. good on fatty sammies and the family uses it as a pretzel dip.
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Speaking of baked ham... I once tasted some ham that had so many cloves on it, it tasted like Dentine.
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Good luck on your mustard sauce. BTW, did you ever post the contents of your 13 spice rub???????
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