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Just introduced myself in the roll call section....

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If you missed it, I am itching to build me one of those UDS's. I have been searching high and low for a 55 gallon barrel, but I have not found one that my wife would approve of. She is over concerned about what was in the barrel. I have access to unlimited closed top barrels that are pristine for $15. They stored mineral oil, so I assume that would be safe to use. The drawback is that I don't have the tools to cut the top. I can see future injuries on the jagged edges once it is cut too. Then I would have to buy a lid, (Weber top), so it seems like to pricey of an option.

I can buy a brand new barrel that is open topped with no liner for $113.00, but that sort of defeats the purpose, as I can most likely buy a cheapo smoker at Walmart for less than the drum alone. The $113 barrel is a heavy duty barrel with more weight. (thicker metal)

I have already spent $20 on gas on two unsuccessful craigslist hunts. People were less than honest on the condition of the barrels.

I can get recondition barrels on ebay shipped for $43, but they are lined. We have a no burn policy in effect right now, so I will not be able to burn the paint out until the winter rains arrive. Way too late for me!

I guess I will be patient.......thanks for listening.
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Hey 66, I'd go buy a cheapy so that you can get to smoking and in the mean time you can find the right barrel and tools. Maybe a welding shop can cut it for you. Lots of talented metal workers out there. Good luck.
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Wow that is embarrasing....

Someone in TX had to post links to some barrels right under my nose. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif Funny thing is that they did not come up in my initial search for Craigslist San Diego. I will call the first link tomorrow. Chula Vista is too far from here. Thanks for the heads up, I will keep you posted
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welcome to smf!!! you have already seen example how helpful other members can be, get you smoker and lets share some smokes!!!!
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What difference does the condition really make (unless of course they have holes rusted through, or big dents). The paint is not gonna withstand the heat, so you have to sand and repaint anyway, right?

Good luck man!
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welcome... good luck in your search.
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I get all excited when I hear "I'm building a uds".icon_smile.gif Be patient and think about what you want to do with it. Now is the time to get a parts list going, so when you do find a drum you'll be ready and won't have much down time. You'll get excited when you start and want to blow through it, but resist the urge. what's cool about a uds is #1 it produces great "Q" #2 Its a conversation piece.#3 Its something you put together yourself and take pride in it.#4 Your friends will want one!! Nothin cooler than Most of all have fun with.
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Thanks for the link again, but I may have found another score. There is a company 30 minutes North of me that has 200 apple juice and orange juice barrels with lids. He wants $5 for the green cans and $10 for the black ones. I just may pick up two of them and really piss off the better half....PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Make sure you can cook as well or better than the other half...
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I just can't win....

Tune here for more on the barbecue drama mini-series....

After a couple of misleading craigslist ads for barrels , (closed barrels instead of open, or food safe versus toxic waste, etc.), I decided to bite the bullet and shell out $122 for a brand new barrel that was 5 miles from home. (Grainger)

I drove barrel home and unpacked the barrel only to find a huge 3 inch dent on the open end of the can. The dent is so bad, that the lid and ring don't seal at the top. (1 inch gap)

So, I call the company back and they only have 1 in stock. So they need to drop ship a new barrel to my house and send out a call tag to have a carrier pick up the defective one. So I have 2 barrels on my credit card and I won't have a new barrel in 8-10 business days.

I could have driven 90 miles round trip to buy a used barrel for $10, but since my full sized truck gets 14 mpg, I decided that buying retail would save on gas and my wife would be happy that I have a "safe" barrel to cook on...

I figure that I have spent $30-40 bucks so far just on gas for my quest for a gently used steel drum.

I will post when drum number two comes in........PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Barrel number 2 came today....time to start building.

This barrel is much better than the first. I had difficulty getting the lid off due to a vacuum seal. I had to break the seal with a screw driver. The lid popped off to reveal a bright and shiny metal surface.

I am waiting for Grainger to pick up the damaged barrel and get the charge off of the credit card. It sucks having 2 barrels on the credit card at $122 each.....icon_sad.gif

I am waiting for the spicewine iron works thermometer and I will have everything that I need. I can hardly wait to go from frustration to completion.....haha.
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Would it be possible to get a phone number or company name of thjis sompany? I am in SE Montana and do not have access for any juice barrels. All I can get my hands on has had some sort of oilfield element or other petroleum product. I know I have to burn it off, but with working in the oilfield, I know that metals hold al ot of the "methylethylbadstuff" in the walls for ever. Thanks in advance.
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Your search for the right drum has caught my attention, I wish you luck on the build and look forward to hearing and hopefully seeing pics of your progress. I very much want to build a UDS myself; I have 5 smokers and 4 grills, my wife tells me I need to build a UDS like I need a hole in the head..... I am opting for the hole in the head when I have time.....
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The Company is Grainger

I did a look up and found this:

Branch: 064
221 Moore Lane
Billings, MT 59101-3418
Phone: (406) 252-6311
Fax: (406) 252-0207

If that does not work, you can always go to ebay and buy a new barrel for around the same price. See link below:
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Thank you. I am actually going to be in Billings next week. My wife is from Billings and we are there at least once a month. Never crossed my mind to check them out. MANY THANKS MY FRIEND. If I can return the favor just let me know.
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You might want to order now...

It takes four business days for the barrels to arrive. You could have it shuipped to Grainger and pick it up on the way back. There are several barrels to choose from.

I chose this one:
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If anybody is in NC, I can almost certainly get you a barrel for about $50 to $75. No oil, most of them had molasses or maple syrup in them, and the last 2 my father in law got actually leaked syrup into his truck bed. My father in law has access to them, but don't get in a rush, it's dependent on when the next shipment comes in.
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My Spicewine Iron Works Thermometer came in today...

I am really surprised how "beefy" this thing is. Weighs alot more than I expected and fit and finish is way better than I imagined. I guess it can be calibrated too as there is a screw on the back. Just need to get it installed on the the new drum.
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