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Hello from the SC low country..

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My name is Billy Hoke and I am 78 year old. Been lurking here for a while and soaking up all the good info. Always wanted to smoke like my uncle did back in PA. Real smoke house adjacent to the kitchen. As a kid he would let me look inside. At first i thought I would build one but gave that up. Finally took the leap and bought a GOSM Big Block. Got ready to fire it up and found that the tank connection leaked really bad. No way I could stop it. I knew they had regulator problems and had gone bankrupt. I called them anyway. Got the message that they would not honor Warranty. Called BassPro where I got it. They are sending me a replacement???. Will just have to see what it is when it gets here.

A few days ago some one had a fire on their porch from one of these. I have no doubt that his was also defective. When I was thinking about building one, I bought one of their smaller heating units with hose and control on eBay. So I tried it and it was also defective. Tried both on two different tanks. BUMMER
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Hello Billy and welcome to the SMF! Sorry to hear of your porblem with the GOSM. I also have a big block and have had no problems with it. Hope yours is resolved favorably and that you will have many successful smokes.
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Welcome, good to see another guy from the SC low country. Im in Hilton Head
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Hey Billy welcome to SMF, glad you found us!
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Hey, you got a pot of that Low Country Boil on, if you do I'll be right over. Welcome aboard.
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Welcome to SMF!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the SMF!! Where do ya hail from Billy?
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Welcome aboard Billy
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Welcome to SMF I hope they get you a smoker soon so you can get to producing some thin blue smoke and reap the rewards. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome Mr. Hoke. Hope you have as much fun with smoking as I do. Happy smokes ahead.

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Welcome to th SMF, sorry to hear your about bad experiences with the big block. Hopefully, someone will set it right.
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Welcome to the smokin meat Mecca Billy!
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Welcome to the forum Mr. Hoke, glad to have you
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Welcome to the forum Mr. Hoke,

I'm in the Charleston area, Juan's Island.

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welcome my south carolina friend, thers a great smell in SC and its SMOKE
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Oh you lost soul...; but not no more: our Hamhocks sign with joy every time we we find your type!! Alone you shall never be again. Welcome home Billy!
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