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Smoke Box Question

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Hello- I've just purchased a MES 30" and have a question about the smoke box. Does the flexable bottom metal flap go BELOW or right above the heating element? It seems to go in either way and the diagram in the manual leaves much to be desired. Also, the manual says to soak the wood chips for 30 minutes, but I see most out here put them in dry. Any comments? Thanks very much for any input you can give.
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Hi Welcome aboard!

It goes below the element. I use small chunks and put them in dry.
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welcome to the site K. Everyone here loves to know a little about our newbies. It would be great if you could go over to the "roll call " forum and tell us a bit about yourself, and what ya use to smoke your food. Kida like puttin on a nametag when ya get to the family reunion!icon_smile.gif
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