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your favorite (not so traditional) turkey rub

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In a couple of weeks I'm going to be hosting a week long get together for some very close friends. I've got most of my menu planned with basic bbq staples such as brisket, pulled pork and ribs. One of the items that was requested was turkey. What I'm hoping to find here, is a collection of "different" rubs that you (the great vast bbq community) like, that isn't exatcly "traditional". I'm hoping to find something out of the ordinary. Such as an asian inspired rub or a citrus based rub...something different than the standard or norm. Dry rub, wet rub...it doesn't matter. Something different. Let me know your secret.
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Whatever you find for a rub... a brine with a goodly portion of dry white wine will not disappoint...or an injection.
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I have to ditto Richtee, I will never make a turkey again with out let her swim in a brine first...I will have to try white wine next go around....

I did my last bird in a papaya mango juice brine ~ for rub I used garlic salt little brown sugar and lemonade mix with some white pepper, she came out wonderfully....makes for some yummy sammies too...little honey mustard...
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Brining a Turkey

Boy, I couldn't agree more. I will never smoke another trukey without brining it first. I keep the brine real simple, just kosher salt, brown sugar (or real maple syrup) and a few sprigs of fresh tarragon. Brine for not more than 1 hour per pound! I use a 5 gal pail with a lid.

But I save the white wine for the injection. I inject a mix of chardonnay (or more recently a sweet riesling), honey, cinnamon, and butter. Heat 'er up and inject all over. Pull the skin back first but retain to pull back over as a cover.

Finally, I will sometimes use a real light rub under the skin. Your choice but watch the salt. I say light rub because you've got a lot of tastes going on already so I don't want the rub to overpower the bird.

This turkey was so good even my ex-wife loved it but that's another story!!

Good luck and happy smoking!!
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