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Affraid to ask..What do you do w/the juice?

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The last few times I've done Boston Butt I have had extreme I think. I mean when the butt gets to 170 I put it in an aluminum pan and cover with foil until it reaches 200, then pull from the pan, wrap w/foil and wrap in towel, place in cooler for 2 hrs. Litterally falls appart in my hands! But here's the deal. When I take the butt out of the foil pan alla sudden there is a mad load of juice that came from the pig (I mean a lot!). Should I be mixing this back into the meat? I admit, I have not up to this point and I actually......threw the juice away. Don't hate me for not knowing, just help.

Thanks in advance.

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On the rocks with a splash of coke!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Tex is right, he has a habit of doing that at least 47 % of the time!biggrin.gif
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meandmytwodogs you want mix the juice with your meat. There is a ton flavor there plus it adds to the moister. The next butts you they'll be a hands down difference wink.gif
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You guys rock!
Thank you.

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It makes for a GREAT pot of beans tooooo. biggrin.gif
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You can also freeze it along with any frozen pulled pork and when you reheat the meat throw in a little bit of the frozen juice to keep it moist.
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Defatted, it's the base of my finishing sauce. Close to SoFlaQrs, with the gelatin-or defatted juice ... added.
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I guess you can use The juice to make rice also..better then water.

we call it SOP take hard bread and sop it in the juice and eat it..roast beef juice is great also..

any one else heard of sop??
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what I do is when they have got to 205 I take it out and let it rest until I want to pull it, then I open the foil carefully on one end and make a spout out of it and pour it all into an bowl or cup. let it sit and the fat will come to the top then just take your turkey baster,and suck the juice from the bottom, be careful and dont get the grease.
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coyote, I'm a sopper from way back. that's how us po' folk clean our plates... there's a reason bread is served with every meal
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yes, every meal when i grew up had bread. and the plates where cleaned with and the cutting board never was able to let any juice run off..we stood around with the bread while the meat was cut sopping the run off..
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WOW, I have not heard that term in forever..."sop" brings back wonderful can sop a lot of stuff....yummie!!!
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