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chuck roast how - to ????

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hello, ive got about 8 pounds of chuck roast, and I was thinking I would smoke it, the fat content seems like I should treat them like a butt.

do you think jeffs rub would be good on these?

or do you have any good rub recipes for beef.

I figured I would take it to 200 and pull it, does this sound good?
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A search for the work "chuck" in the title had like 30 hits..some only days old... Just a tip!
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You can definitely treat it like a butt and pull it. Some around here say they can be a bit moody about pulling, but I've always run mine right up to 200* and they pull pretty easy. I also foil them around 165ish. As to rub, I think Jeff's Rub would be good on there, or any other rub you want should be ok.

EDIT: Scratch that, I started taking chucks to 210 to 215* in foil and they fell apart.
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I 2nd pack on the chuck. I've done a couple of chucks just like a pork but and they have turned out just fine. Pulled real easy and tasted good.
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Dopey Question Tee
Is 2nd pack just a double wrap on the foil?
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Ya got that smoker fired up yet Krusher???
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errrr.. I believe teeoteewas giving a "yeah, what he said" regarding packplantpath's ("pack" for short) method. I could be wrong...
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Yes, treat it like a butt. Good eats!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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During your search if you find the post where they inject italian dressing in em overnight then smoke.......knock your socks off goooood sammies.

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Chucks are awesome. I treat em like pork butts, I use a different rub and injection, but the heat and timeline/temps are almost the same. It really helps if ya can rest em for an hour, two is better(leave em in the foil and in a cooler)wink.gif
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Another suggestion. Use some of the smoked chuck for Dutch's enchiladas.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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