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pork spare ribs

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hey there everyone. smoking 2 racks of spares today using the 321 method. just need to confirm when i wrap them for the 2 hours do i add sauce them at that time or do i do it for the last one hour. this is only the 2nd time using this method and it seems like i remember putting sauce on at some point last time. i will be posting qview here in a just a bit.
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Sauce them in the last hour. Mmmmmmmm ribs!
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like he says.... watch that sauce though, want it carmelized a bit but not baked on. i like to put at least a couple layers, let first start to carm and brush on next. play around and get it to where you like it best. everyone has different tastes, gd luck!!!
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spray em with some apple juice when you wrap em,then hit em with your finish sauce at the end,some times i take em on to the gasser grill slather em good then grill em to get a nice crust going........ dang now i want some!!!
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I put the sauce on the table, if you want it, but thats just how I do it,, it does'nt make i right.

they will be good either way,, waitin on that q-view!!
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just waitin on the temp to even out. darn north wind is just enough to keep that coulds comin and going. i have a feeling i'm going to keep royal oak lump coal in business today. here are the rubbed spares
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A word of caution: It seems the "2" portion of the 321 method MAY be a bit long. I suggest you peek at them at perhaps 1.5 and check for tenderness. If the bones move, gently unfoil and brown/firm 'em back up for the PERHAPS hour. With close trimmed spares, last time I went 3-1.5-.5.
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Sauce in the last hour, or just place sauce on side. I prefer no sauce, family prefers the mop.
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hey thanks ritchie. ya i did notice that last time when i took them out of the foil they already seemed done. i will try the 1.5 then .5. here is a couple pics of my tbs. temp is holdin great at just shy of 225*. and thanks guys about the sauce for the last hour. i knew it was one of the two. i have two racks so i'm thinking of moppin one and not the other just to see which i like best. i will keep ya posted
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grindstaff looks like you have the TBS lookin good, ribs will be great I can already taste them.......
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thanks gobbledot. i'm excited to open up the chamber to wrap them in foil just to see what they are lookin like
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RESIST! Open only to mop! <I'm terrible about that heheh>
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