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Info on UDS

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Ok I have searched a bit and asked a few questions on a few threads.

I will try and consolidate it here. I am thinking of building a uds.

First: I am sitting here and don't really know where to go to find a drum that is usable. I have drums out in my shop that are perfect aside from the fact they are filled with poisonous chemicals. They are out. Any ideas on where to search for a good drum?

Second: I know we have some very experienced builders of uds's here. Do we have a detailed step by step on how to build these smokers?

Third: Are there specialized parts that need to be ordered? Or are all the parts commonly available at a home depot / lowes?

If there is anything I am not thinking of please fill in the massive blanks PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Thanks in advance to all who can help me.
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I can't be of help in finding a drum.
You do not need to order anything special....any hardware store carries what you need.
I bought my expanded metal for my coal grate at ACE hardware...also bought the meat rack there. It fits a 22 1/5 inch grill.

The air nipples I used that go around the bottom for air intake are 3/4 inch, also the ball valve.
You need a drill with good bits....I used a vari bit (love it)

You can pick up handles and shelf brackets anywhere too.

The racks sit on long bolts...they were at ACE hardware too.

Hmmmm...biggrin.gif ..I'll do more thinkin
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Thanks cowpatty ;)

Also... You did yours without welding right?
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Welcome BT!biggrin.gif
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Sure, cowgirl builds one now you you want one!
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I will use any excuse I can find to talk to her biggrin.gif
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drum source

any large machine shop should have drums that used to contain caster oil. This is easily cleaned out. Before you do an UDS consider this:


this might help you too:



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Is a food grade drum worth $30? I found some on craigslist.
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I'd say so....will make a pretty cheap smoker.
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While I'm neither an expert on building drums, nor a rep from the EPA, I am one of the biggest tightwads in the world. So these are suggestions from that angle. Dispclaimer: if you don't feel comfortable cutting corners.....don't. I have 3 young kids, and would never put their lives in danger. We've been eating out of my drum for about a month now and nobody has grown a third eye.

1.) While I would try to avoid harsh chemicals, pretty much any drum will work. If you do your job on the burnout process, the outside paint will be gone. If it gets hot enough to do that, anything on the inside will be safe.

2.) I use nickel plated grade 8 fasteners; stainless is just too expensive. Yes nickel is bad in a fire. Soak them in a harsh toilet bowl cleaner for about 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and do it again. (Avoid the fumes as best you can. Works best outside if possible) The fasters will be dark and free of the evil nickel.

3.) I buy the grates from Weslakes. I get the large Webber 22.5" grate for the top. I also get the small Weber bottom grate for a charcoal basket.

4.) While at Weslakes, I also pick up a sheet of stainless expanded metal. Can't remember the dimensions, but it is thin and flexible. I cut the thing down the middle to make 2 long sheets. I then use bailing wire to fashion a basket. (I'll try to provide some pictures)

So with my corner cutting, I was able to build mine for about $75. It is a very good smoker. It's an even better grill. It pitched the old rusty weber and use my drum for anything I grill these days. You can't go wrong Vlap. Enjoy.
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I definately appreciate the input! Thank you
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I like that option right there.
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whelp, after reading all this about UDS, i tracked down a drum......20 bux for a open top 55gal. drum............LET THE PROCESS BEGIN ! ! ! ! !
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Dude, that doesn't help me PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

Where did ya find the drum?
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hehehe.........sorry..........but it got me stirred up.....been thinking about it since pigcicles made his

a petroleum oil place.........they had closed top and open top, the one with the ring to hold the lid on place......i got the open top......it was going to cost me 25 bux, but come to find out, the dude is a backyard neighbor of mine........hehe........so i get it for 20 bux, and he is delivering it to me........with a good burn, it will be fine.........
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Good work! Also Good Luck!!!
I hope I can find one. I might have one an hour north of here with a dented lid that still fits. I may go get it tomorrow. I am going to keep looking around here.
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here's a link for some ideas how grates and stuff........the air flow control, with this smoker is not what i would use, but a idea of grate placement

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Vlap, I just went to the back of the plant here (in Detroit where I work) and got one to put in my car. It is for Buck Wheezer. (floor paint was in it) It has a strap on it, too.

Good luck.
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to bad your not in the aera i could get you one for FREE
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heck hanky.........build one yourself
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