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Redi check smoker

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are these thermometers worth buying, Redi-Check ET-73 Remote Thermometer or is there a better thermometer out there that has two probes, I see the a few people are having problems with the mavericks and am not sure if these are the same or different.
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well I googled and now realize they are one in the same, so in light of the problems some peeps been having is it worth getting one?
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that's not the et-73. this is the 73

alot of people love them as they have 2 probes (one for the meat, and one to monitor the temps inside the smoker). i actually just bought one myself and got it yesterday. i played around with it a little bit to make sure it works, and will be using it this weekend.
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well i just ordered one, Hope to get it in two days to see how it works.
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i ordered mine from the link i posted late friday night last week, and it got here yesterday. they even sent me the tracking number through usps. i was really impressed with the customer service.
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i have the et-73 and LOVE it..........wouldn't trade it for nutting
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I just got mine last Saturday. I really like it. The one thing I don't like is the probe cables are kind of short. I see they sell 6-foot cabled food probes. I suppose one could be used as a smoker temp probe just placed through a block of wood or a potato.

It's nice not to have to hover over the smoker to monitor the temps.

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I have used the crap out of my ET-73, and I have 5-6 other models too. I think I like the Redi-check the best. It does have short leads, but the other maverick leads fit it too.
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