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Out with the old....

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...In with the new!

Hey guys, I'm been lurking for a while, ya'll might have seen my post with the OLD beast grill that I thought was a smoker... Anyway, Like Muley05 (who is also near KC (I'm from Grandview)) I got a smoker for Father's Day... My wife let me get the cheapest thing I could find until I got the swing of things... so we settled for a Brinkmann (the square cabinet looking one).

I did smoke a li'l chicken on sunday evening.... and turned out pretty well... I started at 8pm and got it between 200-225 degrees... so at midnight (internal temp was 110) I took it out of the smoker and stuck it in the oven for 30-40 mins at 360.... Oh, I also threw in a polska kielbasa around 11pm...

My only concern is... the blood in the chicken seemed to stay in side, and cook... and while the meat was seperating from the bone, it was somewhat pink. (If I die... you guys'll know why...LOL)

Anybody suggest a good second smoke, that will be good for a newbie?
Also, is it a good idea use split oak logs (the bundle you get from campsites) as a heat source and smoke source?


P.S. The old beast I have is now being used to burn odd sized branches that may fall over the years...
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Smoke makes chicken meat turn reddish. If you cooked it to an internal temp of 165°F or higher, you'll live. LOL

Oh BTW, Welcome to SMF!

Pork butt for pulled pork is always a good smoke. You should probably try to use lump charcoal for your heat source, and chunks of hard wood (hickory, oak, pecan, maple, cherry, etc.) for the flavor.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Congrats on the new smoker. For the next smoke try a fatty if you want to go with a long smoke try a boston butt for pulled pork and still throw a fatty or two on for snacks along the way. Have fun and Happy Smoking
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I'd try a pork butt. It makes a good amount of meat, is fairly cheap, and is very forgiving. Plus, it'll make you feel like you've really acomplished something! Just read a couple of threads on pork butts and you'll turn one out like a champ!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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One of my favorite smokes is a Boston Butt for Pulled Pork Sammies. A good one for a newbie. I will also recommend ABT's to snack on while smoking the butt. Jalapenos deseeded of course and stuffed with sharp cheddar and cream cheese.Add course black pepper and cumim to taste. Wrap a slice of bacon around them,Smoke'm for bout an hour....mmmm they are so good. The pepper's lose there heat, but retain there jalapeno flavor. Try'll like it!
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Welcome aboard, try a Butt or a Fatty, they're good and pretty easy.
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X 2

The ? is. Are they as good as they are easy? Or are they as easy as they are good ? biggrin.gif
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Newbie or seasoned vet, a pulled pork sandwich is a favorite!
post #9 of 14 funny, how many folks freak on my smoke poultry, because to the pinkness/red color of the meat...........its dun.......thats just the color of the meat after its been smoked..........its called a SMOKERING, and its a GOOD
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Welcome to the SMF. Could you please come get the kid here from Grandview and take him back home. (KSU QB). Just kidding. Try a Boston Butt or Brisket. Follow the methods you find here on the forum, fairly bulletproff. Good luck.
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Ribs seem to be fairly easy by my experience. They take a bit fussing with to get "just right" (see the 3-2-1 Method) but I think that it is pretty hard to screw them up. Just my .02 worth.

Welcome to the "club"!
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Welcome aboard, If you're not looking for a long smoke untill you get used to your new smoker try some ribs with a Fatty or maby some ABTs.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Welcome from Sedalia, MO and Happy Smoke rings. I'd say whatever is next try a fattie with it and the cook will enjoy and the troops will swoon?
Remember if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!
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Pork Tenderloins are pretty hard to screw up, while ur at it throw on a fatty too!!!
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