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Pork Skin

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when i do a pork shoulder i end up trimming off the skin completely in one giant piece (thanks to an awesome fillet knife i got as a gift).

But besides chasing my girlfriend around the house quoting Silence of The Lambs, I don't really have a use for it.

I know in mexico they fry it (chiccarons) but I dont' have a deep fryer.

Anyone have any other ideas what to do with it?
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Make a football LOL
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It puts the lotion on!eek.gif
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Pork rinds for sure!! You don't have to have a true deep fryer... fill a stew pot or dutch oven pot with a few inches of oil. They're the best if there is still some fat on the skin as it gets "melted" in the frying process and is absorbed by the skin. Fry 'em until ready and season with salt and chili powder.... mmmmm, mmmmm!
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When I was younger I saw they made sheep skin condoms, maybe the the Pig skin could make you some extra coin. biggrin.gif
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I has a small skin on my last shoulder smoke and I rubbed it with OO and put on some rub and smoked it. Towards the end of the smoke I put it on the hot end of the smoker and it got super crisp. I tried some and it was good, but I did it for my dogs for a treat.. They love it..
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just threw it on the top rack of my smoker. about 3 hours in and its getting nice color and crisping up. definitely gonna try a piece and share some with my dog since his birthday is coming up.
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It's good that way, but I don't recommend doing it low and slow the whole time. After the butt/shoulder is close to done, that's when I take a knife and cut it off (really more like just wiggle it off). Then, move it to the firebox and it essentially fries in it's own grease. Just be sure not to overdo it. Tastes great.....
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