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propane tanks

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Don't know if this has been around before, but figured it would be worth it so see it again for safety sake......I got it in an email today and figured I'd share.......................
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All the more reason to buy new tank(s) and just have them refilled. Never know what an exchanged tank has been through.
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Doesn't say so, but this refers mainly to the 20 & 30 lb. tanks generally used for gas grills, smokers, and RV's. Meth cooks don't lug around 150 gal. tanks. They stay mobile, cooking in motel rooms or their cars.
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Someone posted this a couple weeks back but I agree this is IMPORTANT.
I recommend going to the pictures to make sure you know what to avoid.
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Excellent, Thanks for the post
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our local news ran this story at 6 and 10 the other night,might wanna keep an eye out.
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