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First chickens on MES (and first attempt at Q-view)

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My first chickens on MES. Came out really well, with a delicate smoke flavor and not oversmoked. And, with nice crispy skin.

Here are 2 plump amish chickens: brined in salt and brown sugar, butterflied, basted and ready to go.

45 minutes in smoker with applewood gave just the right amount of smoke flavor.

Finished on charcoal grill to fully cook and brown and crisp. And, the charcoal added a nice smoke flavor note of its own.

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Looks great CINCYQUE!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice lookin yard birds. Good job!
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Nice shots!

I missed your intro on the roll call, so welcome from a former Cincy resident. Is there still a Burbanks off of Sharon Road? OK Q, but not my favorite.

Keep the smoke rollin' and the Q-view comin'!
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Yes, Burbanks is still there. The BBQ is OK...I like their sides. There are several good options for BBQ in Cincinnati over that last couple of year (besides mine). KT's is a small place in Reading that is top notich - he is a former Cincinnatian rerturning after a stint doing BBQ and catering in California. BBQ REview on Madison also still good. Jim Danday's, on Kemper near Tri-county is also very good. He started with a pull-benind rig, graduated to a trailer with a service window and now has a brick and mortar place.
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wow that is a CLEAN shiny MES is black and lumpy with a 1/8" thick layer of lovin' built up on the inside.

Keep up the good work, your smoker will get chunky too with more tasty good loving.
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Congrats on a great first bird burn! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif You can bump the image size up in photobucket when you upload the photos there. The default setting is "tiny" Go for the 15 inch screen, but no larger!
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Like the yard birds. Nice finish on the grill too icon_smile.gif.
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Nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Look's good !
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Nice first q-vue! great job!! Cincyque!
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