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Step by Step Smoked Corn on the Cob

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okay.......i have been getting SEVERAL pm's on how i do this.......so thought i would put this together for other folks......

Now some of the steps seems to simple to post pics of, but for those who may have never done fresh corn on the cob, its for them, so please bear with me........

Also, i will be posting pics of the rest of the meal i made, Brats, Dogs, and Cheeseburgers.

Step 1, the ear of corn......

Step 2, the husks stripped back........i remove most of the husks, just leave just enuff to cover the corn back up, after prepping.........

Step 3, the silk exposed, you need to remove ALL of this silk

Step 4, the silk removed

Step 5, i cut the tip off, so i can have the remaining husks long enuff to tie off

Step 6, buttered and peppered........you may choose to summin else in this step, i have seen olive oil used, cayenne used (my fav), etc.

Step 7, now fold the husks back up over the corn, CAREFULLY, its easy to tear one off, now and again. Here i show i used a husk stripped down, to make a tie. In case you don't have twists ties handy

here i show tied off with a twist tie. You can see in the background, you can get this stuff on a roll, and cut to length

Step 8 ready for the smoker

okay, off to the smoker
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Cool, good tutorial PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Look forward to the rest.
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The rest of the meal

Okay, on the smoker

the rest of the meal goes on

corn done

and the whole feast, ready to eat, i also smoked the bacon

So i hope this shows you guys how "I" do it, but you may do some steps different......thats the beuty of this hobby..........enjoy
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OPPS.........smoke with a combo of cherry, and hickory.......

250 for bout 1.5 hours, or till done
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Talk about perfect timeing with a post PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
I'm one of those newbies that needed all the pics and descriptions step by step icon_smile.gif

Thank You WD . Great post , should be a sticky PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great post Dude!! Can I nominate this for a sticky?!?
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Note to self , WD gets points for this thread tomarrow , out for today PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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Great step by step lesson Dude thanks for sharing it
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Looks great steve, Nice tutorial. Good Job ........POINTS
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BY THE WAY............my WIFE did all this, I just took the pics and smoked the final product..........

so all this goes to momma
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It all looks yummy! Tell the wife thanks!!
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Me too! I think I'll get my re-stock around 11:00 tonight, got em earmarked!
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well, tell her good job. She probobly learned from you takin pictures of food, and such. I was takin pics the other day out by the smoker and seen the guy across the road lookin over here I just pointed up.
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Good Stuff WD. I also like to soak the corn once silk is removed for just a few minutes.
Smoked or grilled this is the best way of doing corn I have found!
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I was just gonna ask that.
The corn went in at the same time as the sausages, yes?
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yeah dude, they did.........

Vlap, i meant to post in the orig. thread, that some folks soak their corn.........i have done it both ways, and see no difference, in the end product.......
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Kudos to Mrs Deud!! She done good. biggrin.gif
Ok, you did a good job of taking the pics too. biggrin.gif

Looks Great!!
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looks great, Thanks for sharing

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I'm doing corn tonight for my first smoke - CS ribs w/ a Memphis rub. We've always soaked corn before grilling over a campfire, main reason is soaked husks wont let the corn get burnt, but after reading this i'll save myself the trouble. Husk-on grilled corn has always been my favorite, hopefully tonight that will change.
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Enjoy... I made the corn on sunday. Coated with a chile lime oil. Make it strong since the steam will take out some flavor.
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