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Pulled Pork

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Hello Everyone,

I am new here and as soon as I am done posting this I will go and post in the roll call forum..biggrin.gif

I am going to smoke a butt this Sat and won't be searving until the next day. I think I have most of the process down but need help with a couple of details. I will be using the finnishing sauce on the sticky and when done I will wrap in foil. My question is this. Should I be pulling the pork on Sat and just heating up prior to searving or heat up in the oven on Sun and then pull?

Any other quick tips anyone has would be great.

Thanks Everyonesmile.gif
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I would tend to think it would be better to pull, then reheat. I just don't think you would have the same consitancy in the butt, if it sits overnight.
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Most definitly pull then reheat. It will be much easier that way. Good luck!!!!!!!
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Definitely pull then store! You can save it in baggies, tupperware, or my favorite, vac seal. You can reheat the vac bagged pork by dunking it in boiling water for a few minutes. Or in a crock pot is a good way too.

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After you let it rest, pull it all to pieces. and then you dowse it with the finishing sauce. While you got it pulled apart with the finishing sauce, take a taste of it to be sure it suits yer taste. Depending how much ya gotta heat up later, you can nuke it in small batches up to a quart (recommended). Or, warm it in a 200deg oven. The oven will dry it out some, so be sure to have some more finishing sauce ready. You are only doing one butt, so I'd suggest to nuke it.

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Thanks for the quick response everyone... Looks like I will smoke, pull, store in vac pacs and reheat the next day in water. I'll keep everyone posted when the time comes.

I am going to venture into the other forums, but just off hand can anyone recommend any good rubs? Would this be a good application for Jeff's rub that he sells?
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Jeffs rub is good on just about everything, honestly. The BBQ sauce and rub recipes are well worth it. You will get many years of use out of the recipes.

Be sure and post some pics when you smoke for pulled pork, we like veiwing..... and welcome to SMF !!!
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What Flash said.
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