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A Days Work Chippen Smokin Wood

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Here is what what I been doin all day. Trimmed up my apple tree before the floods, got ta chippen it taday, wound up the 3/4ths a 55 gallon drum full!

Also chipped up 20 gallons a Lilac bush, gonna give that a whirl fer sundays smoke!

Momma decided yall needed ta see a hillbilly at work.

That chipper makes short work of anythin up ta 1 1/2. Still got all the apple logs ta split yet!
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sounds like you been busy today trav ..nice load of smokeing wood ..what does the lilac smoke smell/taste like??
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Definitely a full day's work for ya, Tip. Glad to see you're safe when using that chipper, don't want something hittin' ya in the face!

Lookin' forward to seeing how the lilac wood works out.
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A lil advice...don't leave them chips in the can. They'll rot before they dry out...
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Looks like a good day of work with many rewards to come in future smokes
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Now that's chippin' away the day...
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We've got a special lid made fer the barrel, put a stack on it just like the GOSM, gonna keep stirrin em up till they dry good, shouldn't take long in them black barrels sittin in the hot Iowa sun. When the sheds done, we can keep the barrels inside with the lids off, that'll be more like an oven!
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darn tip, a chip storage barrel with mods!!!! u on your game!! sorry to say there is alot of smoking wood available rite now with all the trees down from the past weeks weather. so if you all hear some chainsaws goin the morning after good thought tock it out and see what fell and maybe score on some free wood. even if the guy burns wood and is keeping it there is a lot of brush and small branches he would gladly give away. give the guy a hand and he more than likely give you some heartwood.
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