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temp question

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ok...when we say 225 for smoker temp...thats a perfect world. What do we really mean, 200-250?
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225 is ideal - the low end of the temp range would be 210 and the high end would be 240-250. Depends on what you're doing as well. A butt is more forgiving with the fluctuation of temps than a pork loin may be ... if it's a lean cut of beef the spike in temps may cause it to cook at an irregular pace, thus possibly drying out the meat.
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ok so if it is too hot and you have the fireox vent closed all the way and all the smoker vents open, then what do you do?
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Close the smoker vents too. Seal that thing up to not let any more oxygen in to feed the fire.
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Most smoking seems to run between 225 to 275º with 250º being a temp I see alot. If you have a propane or electric, you may be able to maintain a steady 250, but with charcoal, alot of times you try to reach an average of 250 with lows of 225 to highs of 275 as you go throughout the smoke.
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I don't mean to contradict an OTBS member here but won't that cause the smoke to be stale and possibly lead to creosote ? Couldn't he just open the cooker lid and dump some heat?

If I am out of line, or missed something. be sure and hit me. biggrin.gif

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It may take a few smokes, but after awhile it is possible to get the temp to hold pretty well at 225, give or take any wind or bright sun on the cabinet. You need to have air circulation, stale is is not a good thing.
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exactly like rich says, i had probs with temps on my gosm, this was before i found smf. constantly running high and smoker smokin like crazy. after some help from smf members i am able to control temp in my gosm pretty consistant. i have two vents on the side and those are the two i use to control temp. the top vent i keep open at all times when smoking. also dont use as much wood as the box holds, a couple pieces in there is all you need. just as long as there smoke, or if u even smell it. all u need, smoke billowing causes creosote to form on food which gives off taste.
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Nope, your right on the money...closing the exhaust will not drop temps, only hold the heat you already have and hold in some nasty smoke!

Simply open your lid and dump some heat!

Nice catch Dave!! wink.gif
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When I say 225, I mean 225 (OK...maybe 222 to 228). Once I get my smoker up to holds steady...real steady.

One trick I've heard for bringing your temps down is to spritz your coals with water.
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My .02, If you’re having trouble getting temps down maybe you’re using too much fuel or your fire box is sucking air from somewhere. Start with less fuel it's always easier to add fuel than remove. Do a search on the Minnion (sp) method this will also help. Play with it you will find what your cooker likes.
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