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Thermometer Help

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Hi All. I've got a question and not sure if it should be here or in the thermometer section. I've got a couple of probe thermometers which are great for telling me the temp of the meat I am cooking, however, I have not had good luck with ambient temp thermometers.

I had a grill thermometer which was magnetic and sat on the grill rack/sidewall of the grill. The problem is that after 2 or 3 smokes the face of the thermometer is completely blackened and I can not read the temp.

I can guestimate for the top mounted thermometer so I'm fairly certain what temp I am cooking at, but would love to put a thermometer at grate level to get true readings.

Anyone have a suggestion for a good thermometer that I can put in my grill at grate level or a good probe thermometer meant for ambient temp so I can run it out of my smoker and get grate level readings without opening the lid?

Thank you in advance for you assistance.

PS I have a Brinkman Smoke 'N Pit Pitmaster Deluxe.
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Try inserting your probe thermometer in a potato, cork, or piece of wood and then putting it on your cooking grate.

You can also try an alligator clip.

Tel-Tru thermometers are first class. You might need to drill a hole in your smoker to get the right location.

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What ^ said. I like the Maverick ET-73

Also, if you spray some Pam on the face of that thermometer the black stuff should wipe right off.
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et-73 is way to go its like cheating gl.
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Great. Thank you for the suggestions!
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The DigiQII is like cheating.

I too use a wireless probe thermometer (made by/for Weber), but that DigiQII is soooo cool. I hear the Stoker has a feature that allows you to hook it up to the internet and/or wireless computer connection...i might just have to check that thing out.
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I use a potato, and a digital thermometer with probes. Cut the potato in half to give it a flat sitting surface, then stick the probe through. I put one on each end of my offset.
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What TN BBQ said.
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Seems obnoxious to me as well as expensive. I like my toys but I agree this is like cheating PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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It's just a tool (as are ALL the other things we all use these days). It doesn't cook the meat for you, but it certainly helps control one of the many variables.
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Maveric duel probes

I have 2 of these. One probe goes in the meat and the other has a clip that attaches to grate. Seem to work fine. Only thing I dont like is the sending unit has on and off in the battery compartment. Thats a bit cumberson if you need to reset but havent had to often. Seems like a good unit overal. Watch your chamber doors dont slam on the probe wires. Good Luck Believe the model number is ET 73 . Can find them on sale from time to time for about 40.00 for 2 of them.
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Well said! Takes a lot of the guess work and finger crossing out!
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I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy, but to me the "guess work" is what makes this a craft rather than just using an oven. Same reason I use a wood smoker instead of a propane. Just me I guess.
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