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Texas Intro

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I guess I've lurked enough. Name is SpEd and I'm a high school assistant principal. I've been using a Brinkman electric for ribs and such for a while and recently purchased a GOSM wide body unit not long ago. Did a brisket and it was absolutely horrendous! Learned a lot about proper probe placement, and tried a rack of spare ribs last weekend which turned out great thanks to what I've read on the forum.

I really enjoy smoking, but not to the same level that most of you seem to. I do however love to eat which may force some growth in my level of smoking enjoyment. LOL

Great forum here, with tons of useful information. Got the 5 day course which was very informative, and purchased the rub and sauce recipes. I hope to do some more ribs soon using the rib rub. Looking forward to reading and learning a lot more.
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome SpEd.....
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Welcome to the forum SpEd, glad to have you here.
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Welcome aboard from way up north................
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Welcome aboard the SMF forum/family. Great to have you.
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Glad ya joined us SpEd. Great site that has tons of information about this awesome hobby we all love!

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Thanks for the welcome guys. I'll be around reading.
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Welcome SpEd, aloso consider suporting this site by becoming a Premeir Member. It's only 15 dollars a year. you can't buy a recipe book for that.
Good luck in your smokin'.
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Welcome. As the son of a retired principal and teacher and as a New Yorker married to a Texan/South African, all I can say is you are alright in my book!

Good smokin' and stay cool!

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Welcome SpEd!
You will be smoking brisket and ABT's, FATTYS and butt in no time, then trying to explain why you are taking pix of all the food!!
Enjoy the smoke!
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Glad to have you as part of the SMF. Feel free to ask any question, you'll have quick feedback in a friendly manner.
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Welcome to the forum.
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thank god..the education system has arrived..tell em how bad we need spell check..
you have a head start on smoking just being from
welcome to de club..and just head out and buy some larger size clothes will need them..easy on the q views for now..
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I think I have a head start on eating, not necessarily smoking being from Texas. LOL

Thanks again for the "welcomes", this is a super forum. I've been reading for some time now and am going over the stickies with great interest. I'm headed out and have to decide whether to do some ribs or a butt this week.

Heck, I'm from Texas. I guess I can do both, right? biggrin.gif
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Welcome SpEd! Keep reading, but more important, put some of what you read into practice! Often!!! You'll reach the the level of smoking prowess you desire in no time. But don't settle for that, keep striving for greatness!!! Smoking myself for about a year now, and each time I do ribs or butts, I climb atop my soap box and proclaim, "these are the best I have ever done!" Get a few more smokes under your belt and tackle that brisket again! Good Luck!!
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Welcome aboard SpEd. Great people here.
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Welcome from one newbee to another.
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