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Great Outdoors charcoal smoker???

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Does anybody have this smoker? If so what are your thoughts? I have the GOSM big block (propane) and love it, thinking about getting this one.
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I don't know bout charcoal but their propane seem good to most of us so why not
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I like the bottom and top vents, good ventilation is really important for controlling heat and the burning process.
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Have you looked into an egg or the like?

The ceramics seem to do a great job and last forever...
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That be mine. It's alot heavier that the other GOSM models and should last for an extremely long time. It can take two people to move it easily so make sure you have it in the right place to start. I did order 3 more grill grates for it so I could do more racks of fish.
I actually have converted mine to Propane since I use my old ECB for Charcoal. Just ran a burner plate hose thru the bottom vent. Works great.
I got this GOSM at Wal-Mart for like $99.00
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I have one and it's good, but you have to modify the charcoal pan so the ash doesn't smother the fire out. I used a "grill wok" as a coal basket for a while, until I modded it again. You can see pics of my final mods via my sig below.
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This is true. Another reason I took it to propane, but if I do use the charcoal, here is the grill wok I found at Wally World.

Here is the conversion and my first attempt at making smoke PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
Since then I have started using only the fry pan whose handle broke and just throw the wood chunks on it. So far, no fire.

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Thanks alot guys, my girlfriend is getting me this for fathers day and wants to make sure it is the one I want. She bought me the GOSM for christmas and I talked her into letting me get a charcoal smoker as well, even though I have an ECB I wanted one a little bigger. So I think I will tell her to make it happen. Thanks again.
P.S. (Talked her into letting me get a charcoal smoker didn't know she would buy it for me!)
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