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if a picture is worth a thousand word's , what is that in taste value ?
them sammies look awesome !!!!
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Why! Captn' Dan!!
I am blushin'
and yes I love of Gods lovely little pieces of heaven on earth...mix that with some!! I am going to get some of their "roasted pepper and blackberry vinegar" for my next Brisket...ohhh la la....YUM!!!
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Good to see you on track!

Wow BBQG, that looks amazing! Didn't you just have a wisdom tooth pulled last Friday? Looks like you made a quick recovery. Beautiful Q-view. Glad to know you recovered. Welcome back!
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I do not have a dog in this fight!

Ok..I am new here so I do not know how this rolls...Butt!!
I am doing it is the website for the artesian vinegars I found and now have fallen in love with....


Chaparrel Gardens
Atascadero, Ca

The other thing I love is that it is a small family owened and operated is the # 805-703-0829
Craig & Cari Clark
Like I said I don't have a dog in this fight, but if I can help make a culinary difference to someone, like you all have to me..well this site is well worth its weight in gold!
thank you all for the inspiration...and courage!
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Hey My Pain Partner!! PNWS!
Yes I did, I am new at this and for the life of me could not find your thread! How are you??I only had one, you had four yes?? What a horror!! especially after only having one!! I was in the dentist office thinking OMG!! how is Steve?? NO WAY i could do four! I continue to think will i ever chew on the right side again????
I hope yours went well and easy...??
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Well that looks and sounds amazing thanks for the great Qview and now another thing I gotta try.
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Out of Vicodin today!

Good to see you are still awake after a good smoke. I am new at this too. I survived four being pulled just fine. Still a bit sore and out of painkillers but I will make it. I hate dentists/oral surgeons! (the only profession with a higher suicide rate than lawyers is dentists--have you ever met anyone who likes the dentist?). I should have done this years ago but wussed out time and time again. So be it. I am over the soft food, bought some baby backs and will smoke next weekend for sure. Happy healing and happy smoking to you BBQG! You really did come up with an amazing "butt" today. I am trying to grow my own raspberries and basil up here in WA this year. Maybe my future bounty will contribute to an August smoke. Cheers to you from the rainy and unseasonably cold NW!
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The raspberry basil pulled pork was such an incredible feast!!
Thank you for your kind words..everyone loves and respects you here, I have seen that,..that means so much,PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif thank you again!
thank you so much! DARN I AM
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grow your own??? yummy! don't I wish!
I am so glad to hear you are back and ready to go!! You are going to have some Q-Vue right?? I hope so!!
I wish I could partake in your future bounty!! the only thing i can seem to grow with any sucsess every year is SAGE and more SAGE"!! LOL
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Sage, sage, and more sage! That will be great for your thanksgiving turkey, so save it. With the lack of sun, there is no guarantee anything I planted up here will grow. If I get r-berries, the birds might likely get them before me but I'll do my best to shoo 'em off. No bounty is guaranteed, just hoped for!
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Look.....a hooka...
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Absolutely awesome job! And thanks for the link and recipe. I’m always doing butts so this will definitely be tried on one in the near future.
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Great job!

A few questions if I may...

1.) What flavor of smoke did you use for this?

2.) When you mentioned Raspberry preserves to hold the rub on the butt, does this refer to rasp. jam, or canned raspberries?

Can't wait to try your recipe and thanks for the link to the vinegar site!
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awesome job..that looks wonderful. and gives me encouragement to go up another belt size..
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I just received a new shipment of vinegar today, with a new flavor "winter ambrosia" it rocks! so has to be for a stuffed loin....I am sure...
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Thanks Coyote!
With all that hunting you do I doubt you would need to do that!!
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