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Ribs w/too much meat???? Is it possible?

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Thread Starter goes. Is it possible for a back rib to have too much loin meat?

For real...this is a real question.

I just smoked a nice rack of back ribs. I am quite proud of how they turned out. My only issue was I thought they might have had too much meat on them. Honest. These things had sooo much meat on them. I'm talking in the neighborhood of a solid inch.

Is that too much?

I'm not sure if I would ever submit a rib in competition with that much meat on the bone. Heck, I'm not sure I'd serve my brother-in-law a rib with that much meat.

FWIW, they turned out great.

Any thoughts?
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I haven't seen any with that much meat but if you'll just pass a couple over here, I'll see if it makes a difference!biggrin.gif
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You can never have too much meat for me, anyway. Did you get them from a small butcher? Doesn't sound like a packer rib.
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I was wondering the same thing. Did some work for a buddie,he said he give me a packey of ribs for the help. These ribs are 4" thick and look like porkchops. His dadinlaw work for a food wholesaler,thats where he got them from
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No pics, no extra meat!!!
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I got em from Kroger. They were Smithfield brand back ribs. I picked them up a few weeks ago while they were on sale. I bought every single rack they had that day...the rest are sitting in my freezer.

Not bragging, but notice how those ribs sliced clean. I didn't use an electrice knife either. I've cooked lots of ribs for competition. I'm quite proud of the texture and tenderness of these suckers.

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All I can say is WOW, what a find. unbelivable. After 1000 s of slabs I have never seen that before. What did a rack weigh? They are usually graded by weight.
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Bubba, that's what I like about you. Keep it simple and no grey area. No pics... just a dream? Oops, just saw the Q View, Now I'm a believer!
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Me too!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That's not a big rib. THIS is a big Rib wink.gif

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Yall don't wan't em? Send em over here, I take care that itty bitty problem fer ya! A rack a ribs like that is a rare thin ta be enjoyed with special friends an the best shine ya got!

I ain't never seen a rib with to much meat on it!
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wow, wow, those are some ribs!!!!! look at that one on the plate , that looks so good. u got some squash goin on there along side of it??? looks like a buttercup. nice job!!!! if you ever find any more info about them ribs post or pm me. if there are anymore like that on the planet i would luv to try to get some. u arnt savin you old rib bones and sheeshkabobin a chunk a meat with em r u!!! lol
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Ribs with too much meat on them? What type of problems y'all must have biggrin.gif
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Erin that is a sweet potato I smoked. Excellent PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
yeah, those ribs I was doing were bought from WD and are a beef section off the prime rib area. One of the butchers gives me a great deal from $1.99 to 2.99 a lb, while one of the others wants $4.00 + for them. I only buy them when he has his day off biggrin.gif
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Thats a nice rib TN, and for only 26 cents a bone, I'll take 2.60 worth!eek.gif

Its a prime example of why I prefer Baby backs over spares. We get BB's like that around here quite often, but they cost more per bone then yours did!icon_smile.gif
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