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Got My BIG Block!

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I spoke to my wife last night (I'm out of town giving my parents a hand around their house) and she told be she pick up a GOSM Big Block for me at Basspro in Cincinnati. They still have two or three left but this sounds like we're getting to the very end of the Big Blocks.

I should get home tomorrow with time to do the assembly and get a seasoning in before dark. I'll post a picture after it's together.

I really appreciate the info you all have put out and made available. I've been struggling for months over which way to go with an upgrade on a gas smoker. All the info you've posted has helped me make the best choice I could afford.

Now it's time to re-read all those modification posts and figure out what changes (if any) I need to make. I'll just be happy to do more than two racks of ribs for a change!

Thanks again folks!
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Congrats on the purchase joe. I'm sure you are going to be turning out some excellent Q!
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Congratulations!! I just got my last weekend and I'm already loving it! I'm on the second smoke as we speak. biggrin.gif
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I bet you can't wait to get it seasoned and get to smoking some good meat.Congratulations on your purchase joe.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Congrats on getting one. Seems they are disappearing fast
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dang! i should have drove down to cincy! i couldn't really find any smokers around here in dayton, so i ordered the wide body from walmart.

where in sw ohio are you at?
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