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water and smoke

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Morning. Today is a beautiful day here in Northen Arizona so we are going to throw down on a big fat smoky BBQ. I have a holland grill, still learning it, but the question is I am planning on using applewood in tin foil packets on the corners of the grill as indicated by other users, but should I also add water to the "pan" or just let the wood do its trick and smoke. We are doing a bunch of pork products and my buddy is doing a brisket and a rack o ribs in the charcoal smoker. We are planning on having about 40 people over to celebrate the beautiful day. Any advice ? I have never used applewood before. Thanks
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I love to use apple. I would not use water in the chip pan. You can use a separate water pan as a thermal buffer, but as you are using a grill that might take up a bunch of space you otherwise can use for food.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I'm with Meowey on this one but I would mix up a spritz and use it about every hour
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Soak the wood in some water for about an hour B-4 you plan on dropping it in. I would not add water directly to smoking chips.

Sounds like you got some good eats coming down the pike. Send some pixs!

Have fun and Enjoy
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howdy from southern arizona-I agree no water in the chip pan-soak if u want,I tend to do both ways-and apple is great to use-will be doing porkbellies tomarrow with apple,I envy your weather up there this time of year!good luck on the smoke.
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thanks guys. the meat has been in a dry rub since early this morning. I am eagerly a waiting the start of the smoking time. I will let you guys know how it goes. cheers
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Well guys. We had a great feast. I ended up putting packets of apple wood on the drip pan in the four corners, under the grate or grill. I did not see any smoke coming up from the chimney, but the taste was there. It was a very windy day and the holland grill kept going out, so I had to monitor it. We did a bunch of pork chops about 2 inches thick, a pork tenderloin and a shredded pork with a tomotillo sauce. The shredded pork was awesome, the pork was bought shredded and then I put it in a tin foil packet with some spice and the tomotillo sauce (green). It was so good. I did not have any liquid in the drip pan. Is there any way to get that smoke fom a holland grill. We were also running a charcoal smoker, that we did a bunch of ribs. it was a great saturday. Thanks for all the advice
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