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tomatoes salmonella out break...

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Secretary Dr. Alfredo Vigil

MEDIA UPDATE: The New Mexico Department of Health is issuing an update in its ongoing investigation of a Salmonella outbreak in New Mexico . Here is the latest information:

So far, 39 people from nine counties in New Mexico have been sick with a strain of Salmonella called Salmonella Saintpaul. Several people have been hospitalized, and no one has died. Patients are from Bernalillo, Cibola, Curry, Don a Ana, McKinley, Otero, San Juan , Sandoval, and Socorro counties. People began to be sick on May 6.

The Department╩╝s Scientific Laboratory has linked 28 of the Salmonella Saintpaul cases to the outbreak strain through a DNA fingerprinting technique. The lab is still testing the remaining 11 Salmonella Saintpaul cases.

The Department continues to work with New Mexico Environment Department and the Food and Drug Administration to determine the source of the tomatoes. The Department╩╝s Scientific Laboratory is testing a wide variety of tomatoes from stores across the state to determine whether the tomatoes contain the same strain of Salmonella that has sickened New Mexicans.

This follows the information the Department released on May 31. Look up: The Department will update recommendations as soon as more information is available.

this came out a couple days ago..the las cruces area no tomatoes they have been pulled..and fast food joints are not serving has spread to south west texas.
I would imagine the rest of the state has done the same.
heads up..
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Not to horn in on someone elses suggestion (re:fatties)
But I think there should DEFINATELY be a category for RECALLS.
MEATS, Lettuce, Toms, etc.
In my opinion, especially as a Father with kids, this is HIGH Priority.
My 2 cents.
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I saw some Romas at Sunflower Market today. None at Sam's and none for lunch.
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I like a Spinach Salad - on occasion.
When there was NO Spinach on the shelves because of the outbreak I CRAVED the stuff.

I take a medicine that won't allow Grapefruit Juice.
I ALWAYS CRAVE Grapefruit Juice and "perhaps" with a shot or two of somethin else :)

Just human nature.
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the morning news stated it is now confirmed in 16 states..
glad I started a mater garden..
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I was wondering what was going on, I went to a fast food resteraunt Saturday morn. and the sign said something about no tomatoes and I saw the letters FDA,that exp;ains it, thanks
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I've been sick since thurs. Definite symptoms. Seriously thinking about going to the dr tomorrow. Don't recommend it to anyone whatever it is...
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If you have the symptoms..I would really consider headin to the ER today..we want ya smokin meat for a long time..take care..
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I believe I heard the tomatoes in question are coming from Mexico and Florida. but not confirmed..
over 300 cases now reported. 1 death..

maybe all these fires we are having will cleanse things.
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I am in Florida, glad I have a garden full of tomatoes right now.
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I was sick for 3 days last week. I don't remember eating tomatoes though. My stomach still isn't right. Sitting on the toilet all day and night is no fun.icon_evil.gif
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