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pulled a pork hiney today

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Decided to pull some pork today. Heres some q-view for yall. Its not much but at least its something.
Oh...I made some of SoFlaQuers finishing sauce for the first time also. Man, thats some good stuff. I made a batch of it and put it in a ketchup bottle and put it on the table instead of mixing it in. My wife didnt like it too much, but I thought it was great. I like vinegar.

Heres my homemade wind break. Wind was gusting 20-30 mph today.

My pear wood preheating on the fire box.

The butt at 170 degrees right before I wrapped it in foil.

This is the finished product. Took it to 205 degrees and it just fell apart. Didnt do much pulling.
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Looks great thanks for sharing PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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L & S, nice job, and great thread. Nice view too.
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Nice bark dude!! wink.gif
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I can taste it from here dude!!!
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Thank yall!! Thank ya very much. It was quite good if I do say so myself. I dont do pork that much, it was a nice change from brisket.
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anyone have a bib? cause i serioulsy just drooled all over myself! i hope mine turn out looking like that.
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The finishing sauce is really good on PP. I will never go without in again.
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Great Job, looks perfect to me.
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