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How many BBQs

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Hey peeps getting close to the end of the school year and was wondering who is or had a Q party for the graduates. MY youngest daughter is a senior WHOO HOO! the 12th is her grad night. Were having one just don't know when hopefully this month she has to many plans lol. What are you all fixing for yours? Any bizare eats. I'm thinking butts, s ribs, D beans, abt and the custome salads mac, potato things of that nature. Let's see your menu biggrin.gif

BTW congradulations to all the grads and families PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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My wife graduated nursing school in late May. I held a large BBQ for her graduation with 30 pounds of pulled pork, 4 slabs of spares, 1 brisket, and 2 chickens. I also made Dutches beans, my Corn Dish Bliss and 2 potato salads. I fed somewhere around 75 people. I am waiting on a friend who took tons of pics before I started a thread about it.
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