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Hello from the mustard based region of SC

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Greetings. Finally signed up and got tired of lurking. This site has great info and is currently not blocked by my company's web filter (big plus in my book). I cook ribs and boston butts, but I want to do more. I use a Charbroil electric smoker. I grew up eating the mustard based sauce, but I have come to love and enjoy all regions and varieties. When planning family trips, I start looking for good BBQ restaurants! biggrin.gif
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Welcome JFlair!! Its good to have you. About time you quit lurking.
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Welcome to SMF jasonflair50. Glad you came out of the shadows. Looking forward to your posts.
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Me too!

Welcome aboard.
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Welcome aboard !
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Welcome Jason- a man after my own tastes! I din't grow up with anything BBQ. But I have tested and tasted, Poked and prodded...and have found my comfort zone in a more mustardly? approach to sauces and mops :{)

Enjoy your time here!
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Hi Jason,
I'm a mustard/vinegar girl myself. You'll love it here!! Beware of the bug. wink.gif
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Welcome from another lowcountry smoker to the SMF!! I've been wondering how many of us there are on the SMF?
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Welcome Jason, glad you finally came out of the lurking closet. I just got back from California,the first thing I did when I arrived there was to start searching for local bbq shops lol.

Glad your here.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you decided to join!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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welcome to the forum, hope you get as much outta it as i do!!! sharea smoke ortwo with some qview!!!
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Welcome aboard. With all the wacky people in here, you'll be smoking some delectable delights you never even dreamed of. I know I am!
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Hello South Carolina smoker, great state for smokin aint it, good to see ya here. im from WOODRUFF SC / SPARTUNBURG COUNTY . Liking the food and LOVING the smoke
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Glad to have ya!!!!!!!
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Glad you decided to join. Welcome to the SMF!
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