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Hello from Washington

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Glad to have found this forum. Just purchased a Smoke Shack 150 for my pub and will frequent this site for direction. I'm thinking of using it for less "barbeque-y" products - smoked oysters and salmon, cold-smoked hams, turkeys, pastramies, bacon, almonds, tomatoes, and sausages, but I know my clientèle will eat up some classic brisket or pork butt.

Looking forward to great ideas!
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Welcome aboard. I'm new here to and am learning alot. Lot's of good peeps with great advice on this forum. Where in WA are ya from? Oly here. Have fun.

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Welcome to SMF! This place will teach ya what you need to know to smoke the stuff you mentioned. I'd suggest signing up for Jeff's 5-day eCourse to get you off to a good start (it's free).

Glad to have you!
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Welcome to SMF! And you bet they'll eat brisket and butt! Bet it becomes very popular... as it's first ALOT cheaper than some of the stuff you mentioned, and second, has a wider appeal. Just my feelings on it. I DO love me some smoked oy-stahs tho!
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Oly also. Cheers!
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Welcome to the SMF site. Lots of good people around here willing to help out. You put a butt or two in front of them and I'm sure you'll find they eat it up. Remember we like Qview too biggrin.gif
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Ha Ha, small world. Which pub do you own. I'm sure I've been there biggrin.gif

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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the forum. A vast amount of knowledge here. And the people are always eager to help one another. Thats what makes this forum the best.
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congrats on the new smoker and welcome. Lots of great advice here!
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Welcome aboard! Oly is a nice city. I am from Puyallup but now am out in Pittsburgh. I need to talk my girlfriend into moving West, but I doubt it will happen.
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Hi from So Cal, ahhh who doesn't like a great butt??
You whip up some pulled pork sammies....You won't be able to smoke em fast enough!
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