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Smoke for this weekend!

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Hi all,
I smoked my first salmon was so yummy... none left! I think it needed more smoke....I am now in the middle of pork ribs, beef ribs and three is some Q-VUE...still a work in progress...

Salmon getting happy....

Salmon done...not enough color?? I am not sure....

roasting chilies for Cabana boys "hot" fatty

this is my Pastrami FATTY oh la la.....well we will see....

this is the chilie cheese FATTY oh yeah.. yummy

this is the hot hot FATTY

ribs getting happy

ribs on BBQ

I will post some more Q-VUE when the FATTYS are done!!
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Goddess - as soon as I saw this post I had to drop my lunch and look at the qvue ... PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif This looks awesome!!! The ideas you've got for the fatty stuffings are really good, my favorite of the 3 - the chili cheese fatty. Are you using regular JD-like sausage on them, or a blend you made (since you're creative!)?

Ribs and salmon also look like they're in for a nice smoke. Might as well watch the smoker since Jr. isn't doing so well so far today icon_sad.gif.

Look forward to the next round of qvue!!
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great job bbqg, that salmon looks just fine. i was thinkin when i did mine it was just a bit darker. maybe a little more heat and a tad more surface carmelization from the sugar the meat had absobed would have given u a drkr color. but it is fine as is can see the oil in the cracks, it done if it flakes. and them fatties again. grrrrrt job!!!
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Darn good looking chow there, Goddess. Those fatties are awesome.
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Looks very nice, but I must question this....

Is the digital temp probe embedded in the potato or does it poke out the other side?? Hard to tell from the photo. confused.gif
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Lookin Good

WOW!!!. Great looking spread. Thanks for sharring.
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I see plantains!
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Mighty fine lookin vittles, mighty fine indeed!
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That all looks so good!!!! Can't wait to see the fatty s! Got salmon in the grocery ads here for $3.98. Picking some up tomorrow!
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can anyone answere? very curious to know.
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The temp prob pokes out the other side...
the plaintains ...yes yummy i fried then squashed then re-fried.....them yummy.... i have yet to smoke them. next time.,,this is from my cuban friends..

ok here are the 3 fattys..on the grill

here is one coming off..i think the pastrami..

this is cutting the pastrami..
ok sorry I could not get pix of the other two, ghe cabana boy had friends over to watch the race and they were hungry..
let me tell you the chili cheese and the pastrami were excellent..the really hot one ...we are not sure yet...
we are playing rock band...ket ya know later...

just know that a fatty is all your imagination can drum up....
I Hope I have inspired my friends on here...
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BBQG - your smokes since you've joined SMF, have been nothing less than creative, and the ingredients you've come up with are definite reasons to keep my smoker going on the weekend. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Pretty work on the fatties, and a huge congrats to ya! I've given out all my points for today, but you're being awarded the points first thing tomorrow for a well deserved and successful smoke!

Glad you're here BBQG! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great makin me hungry again PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow Girl..I think I'm getting a plane ticket and coming there for the game tomarrow night!


Well done!
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Great meal, I wish I were there. Points frm here!
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