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Mock Fillet Mignon

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I have, what i expect, are two LB's wrapped in bacon..........i would like to smoke these, this afternoon...........bout a lil over a 1 inch thick, bout the size of a fillet mignon.........

should i just treat em like a reg. ol chuck steak/roast?
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Meaning how Dude???
A lite smoke cooked to med rare i would guess! wink.gif
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If it is London Broil I wouldn't go over 140* I took one to 145* yesterday while the other two were lower and the 145* one was tough while the other two were not and had better juice
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Dude, I'm siding with Jerry on this. Smoke that thing to give it a ring but keep the temps low to enjoy them as a tender piece of meat.
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Mock filet...

I have bought those before at the local club store up my way.I did them seared and slow not a lot of smoke.They slice up great I love that real steak taste for the price.
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so.......a smoke for maybe a hour, then sear?

i was going to sear em anyway after the smoke

having neighbors over, and one doesn't like med. rare, so if i take this to med., will it make it tuff then?
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maybe a maridade first?
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The smoke-then-sear method sounds about right, especially if you've got some bacon wrapped around those suckers. If you take the one steak to medium, it should be just about right. There's that fine line between when the steak goes from tender to chewy. If anything, don't sear that one as long so the outside doesn't get too tough.

My $0.02.
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So WD how did they come out do we get Qview?
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ya I was wondering the same thing-Did it Happen?
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Sorry folks.....this ws a figment of your imagination!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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