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Hello! Glad I found this site.

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Hi everybody. This site looks great.

Been trying to smoke with consistency for a few years but without success. Started with a NBBD offset smoker but couldn't keep the temp steady for the life of me. Last year I started smoking on my old Weber kettle with 3 firebricks to keep the temps steady ( 2 on edge across the coal grate and 1 over the coals). This has been working great and I have no problems hitting 225-250 for 7+ hours. Not sure I want to go back to the NBBD.

Anyway, this forum seems very friendly and I look forward to learning from you all.

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Welcome aboard.This is the best place to learn how to get good results every time, well, maybe everytime.
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Welcome to the forum. It's a great place.
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Got a pic of the brick set-up?
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Hey Mike. Welcome to smf. After doing some reading asking questions you should be able to get your success rate up. I know I did.
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Sorry, don't have one available. I'll take a pic before I start my cook tomorrow and post it.
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Welcome to the SMF. Friendly folks here to help as well as tons of great into already posted.
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Glad you found us at SMF, Mike! Friendly bunch of folks here ready to help if you need. biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum! The mod masters will be around shortly to help with your smoker.
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wecome to forum, this is a great site u will find very helpful. share ur smokes and show some qview.
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Glad your part of the SMF. The Weber can do wonders under the right conditions. Looking forward to hearing about your next smoke, and try to post some Q View too!
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Welcome to SMF! As far as the offset... consider a charcoal basket. And I dunno what an "NBBD" is..but where's it exhausted at? Send in a pict of it. And there's tuning plates to consider as well.... Enjoy!
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Welcome to the site..................
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Rich i wasn't sure what that was either. I'm thinking it's this, a New Braunfels Black Diamond

I'm sure with some mods and help we'll get that baby just purring along.
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