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Today I took my firebox and chimney off to seal with stove sealer. I also finished completing my charcoal basket and baffle mods. Here are some pics.

Chimney ready to seal

Chimney mod- 3" aluminum flexible tubing
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Here are the charcoal basket and baffle I fabricated. Tha basket is expanded cut, bent, and welded to angle. The baffle is 1/16 steel 12x24 drilled on 2" centers 3/8 close to the firebox, and 1/2 further from it. It is held at the proper height and angle by flat stock.

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On the basket, I used all sorts of fancy math to make it 4" deep at center with 60* sides to clear the ash drawer, while still fitting the door. If anyone wants the pattern PM me an address and I will cut one from paper and mail it to you.
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Great work! That looks great! Let me know how that works out for you. I was thinking of welding up a basket sometime soon. Problem is taking the time out of smoking to start fabricating. Real curious to see how it all works out for you though.
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Looks good! Keep us posted on how the plate works for you. Thinking about making something similar to replace my tuning plates.

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lot of mods going on there..the baffle looks sweet.
I guess you are wanting to test her out pretty quick here. I would be to..
let folks know how it turned out when you fire her up.
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How did that steel work? I just got a CG Outlaw and was thinking about fabricating a similar baffle......thoughts or suggestions?
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Now let me know how this is working for you and if you would change anything?? I am in the middle of making my baffle plate on the Silver Smoker and plan on varying the size of holes somewhat like you did. I plan to put the plate the full length of the smoker and about level with the lower grills. Then if it works good I might lower it about 3 inches by narrowing it some and putting some flat stock uprights to hold it in place. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I finally tried out the new baffle. It needs some more work. It does help bring up the grate temp opposite the firebox, but even the baffle is very hot next to the fire and a lot cooler further away. I think the baffle needs to be wider by the firebox. I'm thinking about expanding the baffle to fill the cook chamber. I figure as long as the total surface area of the vents in the baffle equals the area of the firebox opening, it won't restrict airflow. Any Ideas?
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