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All right, I went from seriously bummed to being the proud owner of my own smoker (GOSM). It is assembled. I'd like to season tonight and use tomorrow. The manual says nothing about cleaning it and of wiping down with vegetable oil. In fact it says to heat it at 125 for 45-60 minutes. How about the correct method from you guys? I know people will vary on what they clean with and wipe with. How about dish soap and a good rinse then olive oil? Sound good? Now what about temp and length (time) of my seasoning smoke? I'm running to the hardware store to get some hickory chips.


Oh yeah, almost forgot.icon_surprised.gif
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You might want to try a can spray of vegetable oil and heated up 250 for 2 hrs. just my .02
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dmack - congrats on your new smoker and hitting the ground running with getting it seasoned! I agree with what TH and IB posted, especially with cleaning it out with soap and water first, if that's possible.

Good luck and look forward to your first qvue!
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