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Grape wood?

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I was told that just about all fruit woods were good for smoking. I want to ask if anyone knows if grape wood and the vines would be good to smoke with?
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Rumor is excellent. never tried it tho.
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Haven't tried it yet, although it is listed on the smokin woods list here on the forum. Have some grapes, need ta give that a whirl some time soon.
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Again I haven't used it but should be good
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I've used grape, but to be honest, I don't think you can really tell a difference over short periods. I've never tried grape over a long smoke, because I've never had enough trimmings to last that long. About 4 hours was all I tried, and it was mild, but I couldn't tell a difference between grape, apple, or peach. If you have it, I say use it. I wouldn't spend any money for it, and I certainly wouldn't go cutting on the wine vines just for burn wood. Which, BTW, mine are exploding this year. Assuming we don't have another freeze (anything's possible in Missouri) I look to be up to my man business in grapes this year.
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