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Protect from the weather...

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Does anyone cover their smoker to protect it from the weather?
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I got the skirt for my chargriller , looks like it may last a year , mayby 2 if no bad windstorms .
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I gave up on covers. Every time I've had one I get waspers up inside and get stung when removing the cover.
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I have one, mother in law needs ta mod it fer my stack, so haven't used it yet. Been bout 5 months without, smoker don't look no worse fer wear yet. I'll use the cover when it's done. More personal choice then anythin I think.
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I've used the Brinkmann cover on my SNPP since I got it 14 years ago. With using the cover and an annual coat of high temp stove paint, it's still lookin good. I also bought the firebox liner to help prevent burnout. My firebox is still solid. I do not leave the firebox full of ashes and I think this helps to extend the life as well.
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I've never used a cover on any of my webers. Even though they'll sell you one, the company says they are not good because they trap moisture and accelerate rust...
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sounds about right.are chasing them all over the the place during wind storms..
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My MES came with a good strong one. It sits on the patio next to the MES.icon_surprised.gif Never have fully covered it yet. Seems I'm always doing something with the smoker, checking temps, smoking watericon_wink.gif or smoking meats.
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