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Side Box Smoker Availability

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After reading Mr. Porky's CGSP thread, I was researching them on the web. What I discovered was that it is unavailable through their website, as well as many online retailers. I found some similar issues with Charbroil offsets as well, but not to the same degree, Anyone know whats up in the manf/retail world? I'm thinking it is just supply and demand, and obviously some are available, but curious if anyone knows of any other issues.
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I have no exact knowledge, other than, 'tis the season. I'm sure the retail outlets are making sure their stock doesn't run out, and are draining the mfg guy's stock.
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You can get a Char Griller at Lowes or you can get a Silver Smoker at Home Depot. They are both pretty good units as long as you do the mods.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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osh carries the fire box and so does home depot and wal mart but, home depot and wal mart sell the fire box as a small mini grill with its own stand. osh has the firebox for $59.99
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I've foud websites to be somewhat misleading. Whats on the site might not be instore and vice versa. Go to Lowes and do a search for 'smoker' and they don't list the SFB, but when I went there yesterday, they had a pallet each of the super pro and side burners. SFB's about 54 ea and the super pro about 129

good luck!
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Here you go...

Lowe's only sells them seperately.
Super Pro ($129):
Firebox ($55):

Home Depot only sells them together (Smokin' Pro- $169):

Home Depot also has the Char-Broil Silver Smoker ($159):
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mp, if you have a menards near... watch the paper for sales.... Got my chargriller grill for 87 bones and the sfb for d0 bones on sale.good luck in your search
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Even Home Depot shows the CGSP out of stock for on-line purchase.
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I got my char-griller gas unit and sfb at menards sfb was 49.99 and gas unit was 144 on sale..........
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I have had the same problem in my area. Seems like at the normal go to spots, hardware store, Cabala's etc don't have the good ones in stock. I even checked at BBQ Galore and their flagship smoker is not in stock in ANY store in california. I may have to settle for a brinkman verticle.
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