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First Pork Butt with Q-view

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Smoked my first butt Memorial Day weekend. Used a rub that was part my homemade stuff and part a store-bought pork rub (wanted to get rid of scraps of both). Used briquettes and hickory chunks at 220-235 for 9.5 hours. Foiled at 165, pulled off the smoker at 205. Wrapped the finished butt in towels and threw it in a cooler for an hour before pulling. Used SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce after pulling. Results - outstanding!!! Rave reviews from the assembled masses. Thanks to everyone here for all the tips and tricks and the finishing sauce.

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Attachment 18380
Attachment 18381
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Great looking smoke! Pulled pork is one of my favorites.
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Nice and juicy, good color when pulled, I'd say that was a winner!
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Excellent. Nice work. Go VT.
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Sweet lookin butt hokie (heh heh)! Excellent first effort - It only gets better!!
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A fellow drumhead!!!
Welcome brother, come out of the shadows and lets see that drum! wink.gif
For a first butt, ya done good!
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Looks great congrats on your first I'm sure it won't be the last PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Drum Pics


Here are a few pics of my drum under construction:

Attachment 9630Attachment 9632Attachment 9633Attachment 9629

I also posted some here:

As I said at the end of the post, I still need to get a nice paint job on mine, but for now, at least it's functional.
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Nice drum, i like the feet.
Needs a bigger charcoal basket for those long cooks! wink.gif
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