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a pork question

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I want to smoke a butt for this weekend. If I smoke it tomorrow(Wednesday). How long will It keep if I eat it on Saturday. And what is the best way to store it. I have a reenactment to go to and no time to smoke it there. I usually smoke the meat and then eat it that nite or the next day.

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It will freeze fine, vac pac if you got one,and reheat in the bag in boiling water
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Sniltz -depending on what time you start smoking it on Wednesday, it may not be done until sometime on Thursday therefore only being 2 days until it's consumed.

You can always shred the pork and put it in a freezer bag to store in the freezer and pull it out and boil on the stove to heat it up when you're ready to eat. Or, you can keep store the shredded pork in the fridge for up to about 4-5 days, I'd think. Last thing - do you have a foodsaver? Hear those are a great investment to improving the shelf-life of the food.

Others will chime in if they I'm in correct on the storage time.
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No, you are very right Sumo, it will keep 4-5 days( if it lasts that long).

Good advice
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I eat on mine for 3-4 days just kept in the fridge. I just keep it in a bowl with a tight fitting lid and warm up what I want on the stove top in a saucepan with alittle sauce.
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Yeah I thimk you're right on sumo 4 days is my limit after that the dogs eat like kings.
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I have had some for over a week, just cleaned out the fridge tonight and froze a fatty that was 2 weeks old, still ok, a pork loin from about the same time. One key is the temp of your fridge, I try and keep mine as close to freezing without freezing the food. Thel lower the temp, the less bugs in there.
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i only like to keep it for 4 days .....unless it is next door in the cold place lol ....right next to the walleye for last winter biggrin.gif......i need to eat that soon
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