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London Broils

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I was reading DUTCH'S view on cuts of meats and would like to know how would he or anyone for that matter smoke a 4lb. London broil?and at what temp. should the smoker hold.I have been having problems keeping the temp. up in the 150 to 200 F. range.Also,keeping the smoke going it just dies on me.I use a Brinkmann Smoke and grill charcoal.
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Hey there, can throw some help your way but before I do so please stop by the Roll Call section and introduce yourself to the gang. biggrin.gif Want to know where you're from (I take it Long Island New York by your username) how long you've been smoking, and what you're looking to achieve.

I just did a 2# london broil that was 2" thick. Here's a link to what I did to prep it for smoking:


Highly recommend searing the meat before placing it on the smoker. Will help keep the juices inside the meat. With that said, rest the meat for at least an hour wrapped up in foil, after pulling it off the smoker.
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Here's one I did this weekend - my first.


Do a search in the beef forum for LB - you'll find a bunch. Sumosmoke has a great thread!
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And sumo with the cat-like reflexes!!!
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Just don't over do them. Around 135ยบ internal, wrap and let rest for 1/2 to 1 hour.

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